Verdant Work Light

Keep working without interrupting dark photoperiod

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Verdant Grow Room Work Light

Like most things in life, balance is critical. The Verdant Grow Room Work Light offers green LED light that won’t disrupt photosynthesis. As a result, your staff can stay productive during work hours without interrupting dark cycles, which is essential for flowering cannabis plants and other products.


Increased Productivity

Plants need dark cycles to thrive. But a pitch-black room might make it hard to stay productive, especially in winter when certain crops need more than 8 to 12 hours of darkness to thrive. Green LED light illuminates your workstations while giving plants the darkness they need to grow.

Adjustable Dimming

The intensity of the green light can be adjusted with a 0-10V dimmer to ensure the rooms remain in the dark photoperiod. Users can customize dimness to meet the needs of their plants, space, and employees.

Long Lifetime

The Verdant Grow Room Work Light has a 50,000-hour life expectancy and comes with a 5-year warranty. So your investment will pay for itself over time as you and your staff can continue to operate in your space—and churn out higher quality cannabis products because your plants are getting what they need.

Easy Installation

With simple mounting and wiring, you can daisy chain your Verdant Grow Room Work Light to up to 32 light fixtures. Then, quickly switch from LED white lights to a dark room with the flip of a switch.

Lightweight, Waterproof, and Dustproof

The durable, lightweight design helps you optimize plant growth and business operations.


Verdant Work Light was created to provide growers with an LED solution that enables workers to continue working in flower rooms during dark periods. For example, 12 or more hours of darkness is a biological trigger that helps cannabis bloom. The photoperiod, or time per day a plant receives illumination, is a critical aspect that cultivators must dial in to create the highest quality product.

Green LED lights are the perfect marriage of practicality and biological need—a solution that works for your employees as much as your products. 


Beam Angle

Verdant’s 120-degree LED beam angle works great in settings with limited mounting height for optimal distribution of green light.


Input Power


Green Light Output


Input Voltage Range


Beam Angle
120 degrees

Input Voltage

47.25″ x 3.43″ x 4.57″

Water & Dust Proof

Up to 32 fixtures

50,000 hours (L70/B50)

3.8 lbs

5 years

Installation and Additional Information

Download our PDF to learn more about the Verdant Grow Room Work Light.

Inside, you’ll learn how to daisy chain your Verdant Grow Room Work Light to up to 30 fixtures and more.

Need Help With Your Lighting Layout?

Green LED Work Light FAQ

Is there a green LED?
Yes! Blue and white are some of the most common types of LED lighting, but green LED light also exists.

Will any green light work in a grow room?
Any green light will prevent the disruption of dark cycles for the plants and enable your workers to see, sure. But if you run even a moderately sized grow operation, you’ll need to factor in lighting power and beam angles.

What are green LED lights used for?
In a cannabis cultivation setting, green lights allow workers to complete tasks when cannabis flowering is in a dark cycle. Darkness is essential for proper cannabis growth.

Like the rest of Thrive Agritech’s LED light products, the Verdant Grow Room Work Light offers top-of-the-line intense lighting where (and when) you need it most.