Vertical Farming

Increase yields while reducing your electric bill!

Thrive Agritech’s high performance vertical farming lights are energy efficient and reliable—what else could you want from a grow light?

Benefits of Vertical Farming with Thrive Agritech LED Lighting

Vertical farming racks with LED lighting
Lettuce growing in a vertical farm with LED light bars


Reliability is a key factor in reducing cost and increasing efficiency and productivity. Thrive Agritech has a proven track record of large scale installations with a very low failure rate.


Exceptional yields are the hallmark of Thrive LED lights. Individual light bars that are configurable to optimize intensity and uniformity. And Thrive’s optimized spectra ensure your plants are receiving the right colors of light to maximize production.

Cost Savings

Our vertical farming lights are at the forefront in efficiency, which translates into cost savings and higher profit margins for our customers. In addition, our high reliability lights make sure there are no production interruptions.

Customer Service

We are there for you! We answer the phone when you call, and we reply to emails within 24 hours. We can customize lighting solutions for you and will deliver a lighting design within 3 business days. We help you through the rebate process, and we will be there on-site to support your installation of the lights.

Vertcial Farming Products

Strata 30W LED Light

Best Fit: Vertical Farming


  • Up to 105 µmols/sec photon flux
  • Up to 3.5 µmols/joule efficiency
  • Dimmable
  • Easy to install & maintain

Infinity XE 60W LED Light

Best Fit: Vertical Farming


  • 168 µmols/sec photon flux
  • 2.8 µmols/joule efficiency
  • Optimized light spectrum
  • IP66 Waterproof

Learn more about Thrive Agritech’s Strata and Infinity XE, our flagship vertical farming lighting products.