Greenhouse Supplemental Lighting

Supplement growth. Supplement profits.

The right amount of light – when and where you need it.

Thrive Agritech’s Greenhouse Supplemental LED Lighting does just that—it enhances what your greenhouse operation already does well while filling in the cracks. As a result, greenhouses that adopt our supplemental lighting stand to increase yields, quality, and profits.

Applications for Greenhouse Supplemental Lighting

In short, supplemental greenhouse lighting optimizes your processes. 

Long winter months and even cold rainy weeks can delay or disrupt your greenhouse grow operation, reducing profits and quality. Leaving these things up to chance isn’t good for your clients or your bottom line.

As the old success adage goes, consistency is key. 

Supplemental lighting in greenhouses can be used on various crops, including cannabis and leafy greens, to optimize yields and help your business get consistent results.

Benefits of Greenhouse Supplemental Lighting

LED Greenhouse Supplemental Lighting from Thrive Agritech

Greenhouse Supplemental

DLI: 5-30 moles of light per day

Counteract Natural Light Changes

Each crop is different regarding how much light it needs in a day to survive. Likewise, the amount of darkness certain plants need can vary throughout a day or year. All this can be difficult to calculate and dial in when you rely solely on the sun’s natural rays.

Supplemental lighting can cover your bases when April showers sprinkle into May, or the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow and short winter days persist. This can have a remarkable effect on plant growth. For example, adding 5 to 30 moles of light to the canopy daily can improve bud production in cannabis.

Year-Round Production

Seasonal changes to greenhouse light can hinder production and affect your business’s bottom line. However, by combining natural sunlight with supplemental light, you can steady production, estimate annual output better, and gain peace of mind knowing that Mother Nature won’t derail your plans.

Light Intensity Control

Thrive Agritech’s light products have dimmable capabilities, giving you a range of options. Adjust lighting based on the time of year, season, or weather. You have total control.

Learn more about Thrive Agritech’s Pinnacle HP, Pinnacle, and Apex, our two flagship Greenhouse Supplemental Lighting products.