Startup costs in the cannabis industry

Starting an indoor cannabis grow operation requires significant planning and investment. One of the most pressing questions for anyone looking to enter the industry is: how much will it cost?

Maximize Grow Room Square Footage

To improve your ROI, maximizing the square footage of your commercial grow rooms is crucial. It involves fitting in as many plants as possible without compromising the quality or yield.

Humidity Control in Cannabis Facilities

When growing cannabis indoors, it is important to simulate the conditions of its native climate as much as possible, while also making timely adjustments to parameters to elicit the highest yielding and best quality response from the plant.

Reducing Operating Expenses in Cannabis and Food Production Facilities

Reducing operating costs is a key objective for most businesses, including those in the cannabis and food production industries. We explore practical actions that companies can take to reduce operating costs while still maintaining quality.

Avoid Indoor Ag Pitfalls

Only 53% of vertical farms and 42% of cannabis operators report reaching profitability. There are several factors that contribute to these low rates of profitability, including poor business planning, underfunding, and mismanagement.

GMP Compliance for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation: What You Need to Know

In indoor cannabis cultivation, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) relate to both cleanliness standards and processes undertaken to ensure repeatable manufacturing processes.

Climate Control in Vertical Farming: Part 4

Indoor agriculture is gaining popularity as an efficient way to grow crops in a controlled environment. However, designing and operating these systems can be challenging, especially when it comes to managing temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels.

Climate Control in Vertical Farming: Part 3

Managing the transpiration rate of plants is one of the most significant challenges in indoor cultivation.

Climate Control in Vertical Farming: Part 2

Indoor farming or controlled environment agriculture (CEA) allows for year-round production and efficient use of resources — but it also poses unique challenges for mechanical design and load calculations.

Climate Control in Vertical Farming: Part 1

Optimizing climate conditions in a cultivation environment is a crucial part of growing high-quality and high-yielding crops.