Boost XE

Powerful & Efficient Full-Spectrum LED Light

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Commercial Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

Cannabis, vegetables, and leafy greens have one thing in common: they need intense light to thrive. The full-spectrum white LED lighting from Thrive Agritech’s Boost XE offers powerful and energy-efficient uniform lighting to accelerate plant growth and help your business boost profits.


Uniform Lighting

Boost XE’s high-intensity optimized spectrum, and uniform lighting ensures each plant or flower in your operation receives maximum light exposure. Healthier plants lead to maximum crop yield—which is always a factor but especially important if you work in a smaller commercial space.

Full-Spectrum White Lighting

Thrive Agritech’s full spectrum white light solutions provide your canopy with the full range of wavelengths needed for healthy and high yielding plants.

Control Light Output

Cultivators must use the right light intensity when space or mounting height is limited. Too much light or heat can stymie or kill a plant’s growth. With a 0-10V control signal, Boost XE puts control at your fingertips.

Easy Installation

Simple mounting and electrical connections make installing the Boost XE Full-Spectrum LED grow light easy. In addition, these lights can be daisy-chained to up to 17 fixtures.

Waterproof and Durable

Boost lights are safe to clean with a high-pressure water jet and offer a 40,000-hour lifetime expectancy. So your investment will pay for itself in just a few years.

ETL Certified, DLC Listed

Industry-standard certifications make Boost XE lights excellent for a variety of grow operations.


Multi-Tier Vegetative Cannabis

Boost XE is ideal for multi-tier rooms with limited mounting height. It delivers highly uniform full-spectrum white light at mounting heights from 9”-24” above the canopy.

Leafy Greens

Boost XE’s uniform lighting and simple dimming capabilities makes it easy to adjust your setup on what will become nutrient-dense harvest.

Specifications and Additional Information

Download our PDFs to learn more about the Boost XE full-spectrum LED grow light. Each download includes essential information about installation and more.

Thermal Management

LED lights that can stay cool are easier to rely on. All of Thrive Agritech’s lighting fixtures use passive thermal management. This means no fans or liquids for cooling, which can be prone to failure.

Beam Angle

A 120-degree angle works excellent in settings with limited mounting height for optimal distribution of white light.


Input Power


Photon Flux



44.9″ x 2.2″ x 3.1

Beam Angle
120 degrees

Input Voltage

0-10V control signal


Up to 17 fixtures

40,000 hours (Q90/B20)

Safety Certification
UL, cUL & CE

5 years

Need Help With Your Lighting Layout?

Customer Reviews

Francine Gindi

Director of Operations, Ajoya

“The rebate from Xcel Energy paid for 1/3 of the project, and put money in our pockets immediately. And the cost savings from converting to LED continues to generate cash every month.”

Samuel Thoman

General Manager, Strawberry Fields

“Growth under the LED Boost lights was less elongated than under HPS, and had better node stacking. Not only did Boost promote better overall growth, but also used less than half the amount of energy as our HPS solution.”

Chaz Kobayashi

Director of Operations, High Level Health

“These LED lights are great. Great for the plants, great for the environment, and great for our bottom line.”

Boost XE Full-Spectrum LED Q&A

Are full spectrum white light grow lights better than “pink” grow lights?
Full spectrum white light grow light provide plants with all the necessary parts of the spectrum that enables them to flourish. In addition, white light is highly preferred over pink lights by workers tending to the plants because white light causes less strain on the eyes.

What light do commercial growers use?
Across all industries, many growers are switching to LED lighting for cost savings, better efficiency, and higher crop yields.

Do commercial growers use LED lights?
For the reasons listed above, LED lights are quickly becoming a popular option. They initially cost more than fluorescent bulbs but last longer and can increase profitability.

Learn more about Thrive Agritech’s LED light products to find the optimal lighting solution for your business.