About Us

Supporting the advancement of sustainable agriculture

High efficiency, user-friendly LED grow lights with patent-pending technologies that produce great crops and make controlled environment agriculture more sustainable and profitable.


Thrive Agritech develops products and technologies that support the advancement of sustainable agriculture. In addition to creating innovative products that produce great crops, we enable the production of food using farming technologies that protect the environment, promote public health and contribute to the betterment of human communities.


As a venture capital backed tech start-up, our proud history begins at Y Combinator – Silicon Valley’s premier accelerator, which has launched transformational companies including Airbnb, Dropbox and Reddit. Formerly called Transcend Lighting, we changed our name to Thrive Agritech in 2017 to better reflect the diverse array of products and technologies we will be bringing to the horticulture market in the coming years.


Healthier plants with increased mass and better morphology. Lower operating costs and reduced carbon footprint. Products that are easy to install and virtually maintenance free. So how do we do it? We are experts in phosphor technology. Phosphor is applied to a blue LED to produce any color of light desired. The phosphor chemistries we have developed produce photosynthetic light optimized for plant growth, energy efficiency and reliability.

Our Services & Support

Technical Support

Lighting can be complicated, which is why we generate free lighting layouts for our customers. Lighting layouts specify how the lights are to be positioned over your plants to optimize energy efficiency and plant growth. Call us for a custom lighting layout for your farm.

Additional technical information including, data sheets, installation guides and case studies can be downloaded from our Resources page.

Energy Rebates

LED lighting is the most energy efficient technology for most applications today – including horticulture. Electric utilities incentivize farmers to purchase energy efficient lighting by providing rebates. Most of our customers receive rebates ranging from 25%-75% of the cost of the lights, which typically results in a very fast payback on the investment. We have developed an expertise in helping our customers through the rebate paperwork – call us and let us know how we can help you get your rebate.


Our customers always face the same question: should I buy or lease the lighting? We work closely with third party financial institutions that provide lease options for our customers. Monthly lease payments are often covered by the energy savings, and in many cases, there are additional savings left over. This means you can upgrade to LED without any money out of pocket and start generating cash from day one. Give us a call for a financial analysis of your farm.