30W LED Vertical Farming Grow Light

A Scalable Lighting Solution that Fits your Farm Like a Glove!

Strata represents the next generation vertical farming light. Installation is quick, easy, and highly scalable for even the biggest vertical farms.


Simplified Installation and Maintenance

Strata lights are powered by an external driver, making installation and maintenance easier and less expensive. In a well-designed LED light, the driver is normally the first component to fail. Strata drivers can be located so they are easily accessible if one ever needs to be replaced.

Increased Yields with Reduced Energy Costs

It is important to have a lighting system that can provide the appropriate intensity and spectrum of light for the specific plants being grown. Strata is available in our full white spectrum as well as blue, red, far red spectrum. Both spectra are optimized for plant growth and energy efficiency, resulting in big harvests and small energy bills.

Near-Perfect Light Uniformity

Although perfection is aspirational, lighting designs with Strata come close. The flexibility of the individualized Strata light bars enables solutions that deliver the required intensity of light that varies by only a few percent across the canopy – even when the plants are 6” from the lights.

A Reliable, Dependable Workhorse

High reliability LED lights can provide consistent and optimal performance even in demanding environments. Thrive Agritech has a demonstrated track record of designing and manufacturing the most reliable LED lights in the horticulture industry.

ETL Certified

Industry safety and performance certifications provide peace-of-mind that you are installing a high quality light fixture that delivers in every way possible.

Specifications and Additional Information

Download our PDFs to learn more about the Strata LED grow light. Each download includes essential information about installation and more.


Input Power

up to 105umols/sec

Photon Flux

up to 3.5umols/joule


47.2” x 0.9” x 1.1”

Beam Angle
120 degrees

Input Voltage



1 lbs.

40,000 hours (Q90/B20)


5 years


Strata LED lights for vertical farming

Strata for Vertical Farming

Strata is an energy efficient solution for vertical farms that delivers highly uniform light to the canopy and utilizes an external driver that lowers initial capital expense as well as on-going operating expenses

Vertical Farming:  Leafy Greens, Microgreens, Herbs, Vegetables

Optimal Spectrum, Light Intensity, and Uniformity

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Strata LED Grow Light Q&A

What spectra are available for Strata?
Thrive’s standard broadband white light spectrum and a vertical farming specific red, blue, far red (RBFR) spectrum are available for the Strata. See the Strata datasheet for more information.

Why is an external driver preferred over internal drivers?
Strata’s external driver lowers the overall project cost, and also reduces installation and maintenance cost and complexity.

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