Infinity 2.0

Installation is a snap!

A user-friendly LED grow light that delivers the light precisely where you want it and with near perfect uniformity. Ideal for indoor farming applications such as vertical food production and cannabis in its vegetative phase.

Uniform Lighting

No hot spots.
Better crop yields.

Optimized Light Spectrum

To maximize crop growth and profitability.

UL/cUL Listed

Conforms to safety standards in USA and Canada.

Easy to Install

Lowest installation cost. Simple mounting and electrical connections.


Safe to clean with a high-pressure waterjet.


Precisely control light output from max intensity to off.


Input Power


Photon Flux



47.25″ x 2.15″ x 2.75″

Beam Angle
120 degrees

Input Voltage

Up to 32 fixtures


3.8 lbs

65,000 hours

Safety Certification
UL, cUL & CE

5 years

Infinity 2.0 for Leafy Greens:

Faster growth, bigger harvests and better plant morphology. Infinity 2.0 delivers highly uniform light onto the crop canopy ranging from 200-400 PPFD. Exceedingly versatile, Infinity 2.0 lights can be configured to precisely match the geometry of your canopy without wasting light where it isn’t wanted. And Thrive’s patent-pending phosphor technology delivers an optimized light spectrum that maximizes your production.

Infinity 2.0 for Vegetative Cannabis:

Say goodbye to metal halide and fluorescent lighting. Thrive’s leading-edge LED technology makes Infinity the best overall veg light on the market. It generates 300-500 PPFD on the veg canopy with exceptionally efficient and uniform coverage. At 2.2 umols/joule, Infinity 2.0 leads the pack in full spectrum efficiency. But the real magic is the ability to configure the easy-to-install light bars to precisely deliver the light to your plants. Drive your energy costs down, and your production yields up—with Infinity 2.0.

Jim Rice

Owner, High Level Health

“The team at Thrive Agritech was an enormous help in taking us through the rebate process.”

David Goldstein

Hydroponicist, Institute for Culinary Education

“The red cultivars are showing much more red coloring than they did under fluorescents. To me, this indicates the LEDs are putting out more useful light.”

Kye Brundage

Grow Manager, Ajoya

“At this point, I don’t know why anyone would continue using fluorescent lights.”