Powerful & Efficient Full-Spectrum LED Light

Full white light spectrum that accelerates plant growth in greenhouses, and perfect for the most demanding indoor farming applications such as multi-tier cannabis flower production.

Uniform Lighting

No hot spots.
Better crop yields.

Full Spectrum White Light

Grows plants great, and pleasant
to work under.


Precisely control light output from max intensity to off.

Easy to Install

Lowest installation cost. Simple mounting and electrical connections.


Safe to clean with a high-pressure waterjet.

Long Life

Verified by independent test lab.
LM-80 test data available.


Input Power


Photon Flux



47.25″ x 4.8″ x 2.75

Beam Angle
45 or 120 degrees

Input Voltage

0-10V control signal


Up to 19 fixtures

62,000 hours

Safety Certification
UL, cUL & CE

5 years

Boost for Greenhouses:

Boost mounts to greenhouse support trusses, resulting in almost no shadowing while delivering 50-100 PPFD and 5-10 moles of full spectrum supplemental light per day. And the dimming feature makes Boost exceptionally energy efficient for photoperiod interruption. Boost is the perfect greenhouse light: energy efficient, simple to install, maintenance free, waterproof, UL certified for safety, and a 5-year warranty.

Boost for Cannabis Flower:

Boost is ideal for multi-tier flower rooms where mounting height is limited. It delivers highly uniform full spectrum white light with an intensity over 1,000 PPFD at mounting heights of only 9”-24” above the canopy. For single tier flower rooms, Boost is a user-friendly, energy efficient, alternative to HPS. Unlike HPS, Boost ensures that every plant receives the same intensity of light—without creating “hot spots”, throwing light into the aisles or onto the walls. Boost’s high intensity, optimized spectrum and uniform light distribution ensures the healthiest plants and maximum revenue per square foot in your grow facility.

Francine Gindi

Director of Operations, Ajoya

“The rebate from Xcel Energy paid for 1/3 of the project, and put money in our pockets immediately. And the cost savings from converting to LED continues to generate cash every month.”

Samuel Thoman

General Manager, Strawberry Fields

“Growth under the LED Boost lights was less elongated than under HPS, and had better node stacking. Not only did Boost promote better overall growth, but also used less than half the amount of energy as our HPS solution.”

Chaz Kobayashi

Director of Operations, High Level Health

“These LED lights are great. Great for the plants, great for the environment, and great for our bottom line.”