Thrive Agritech LED Grow Lights Chosen by Strawberry Fields

Thrive Agritech, Inc., a technology company focused on innovations in LED horticulture lighting (“Thrive”), today announced it has received a substantial order for its LED grow lights from Strawberry Fields, a leading medical and recreational cannabis producer headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO via their distribution partner Griffin.

Thrive Agritech’s Boost LED light will be installed in all two acres of Strawberry Fields’ greenhouses over its vegetative and flowering canopies as a supplement to natural sunlight. During 2017 Strawberry Fields conducted extensive testing of the Boost LED light as a replacement for its existing 1,000W HPS lights, and experienced compelling results. According to Strawberry Fields General Manager, Sam Thoman, “We saw a more uniform canopy growth with less elongation and better node stacking. Not only did the Boost light promote better overall growth, but it used less than half the energy of our HPS solution. And in areas where we weren’t previously using supplemental lighting we doubled our yields in the winter.”

Thrive Agritech CEO, Brian Bennett, remarked, “We are thrilled to have been selected by Strawberry Fields as their grow light supplier, and I am certain they will be equally excited about the benefits they will be receiving from our technology for years to come. The Boost is an ideal supplemental light for greenhouse production, as it has the output to effectively reach the canopy and its underlying LED technology makes it exceptionally energy efficient. One of the really great attributes of the Boost light is its full white color spectrum, which not only has demonstrated superior plant growth, but is far more pleasant to work under compared to “pink” lights.”

Thrive Agritech will be shipping the Boost lights to Strawberry Fields early in the third quarter, with installation to follow shortly thereafter.

“Griffin helps growers produce consistently uniform crops all year long. For greenhouse-produced cannabis, lighting is a crucial part of the equation. Energy-efficient, waterproof Boost fixtures from Thrive Agritech were the perfect solution for Strawberry Fields. The spectrum and intensity will provide the supplemental light their crop needs, and Boost’s daisy-chain installation greatly reduces the need for electrical work. Boost is a great fit for this project.” – Peter Armando, CEA Technical Sales, Griffin


About Thrive Agritech
Thrive Agritech is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative products for the controlled environment agriculture industry. The company’s patent-pending technologies enable unique advantages for horticultural solid-state lighting and controls. Corporate headquarters are located in New York City. For more information, visit

About Strawberry Fields
Strawberry Fields has served medical marijuana patients in Colorado since 2010. The company prides itself on its years of experience in producing a wide range of expertly crafted products for Colorado’s residents. Website:

About Griffin

Griffin Greenhouse Supplies, Inc., headquartered in Tewksbury, Mass., has served the needs of growers in greenhouse and nursery production, and independent garden centers for more than 70 years. Griffin operates 16 fully stocked service centers, serving growers and retailers nationwide. The business also distributes live goods including seed, cuttings and young plants. Griffin is among the premier distributors in the U.S., with an outstanding reputation for operational excellence, high-quality products and superior customer service. For more information, please visit

Thrive Agritech, Leading LED Horticulture Lighting Innovator, Secures $2 Million Capital Injection

Thrive Agritech, Inc., a technology company focused on leading innovations in LED horticulture lighting (“Thrive”), today announced that it has received an additional $2 million in equity capital to accelerate the development and deployment of its LED technology in controlled environment agriculture. The investment round was led by Rose Capital, a New York-based institutional investor. In conjunction with the investment round, Rose Capital has also joined Thrive’s Board of Directors.

The financing round – and new partnership with Rose Capital – follows an exceptional year for Thrive Agritech, which saw a rapidly expanding customer base with lighting installations in greenhouses, vertical farms and cannabis production facilities across North America.


Transcend Lighting is now Thrive Agritech

Today marks the introduction of Thrive Agritech – a new brand that aligns with the exciting future of our industry and our company.

We live and breathe LEDs, however, our focus has grown to include more than lighting. This year we’ve filed our first controls and systems patents and have already spent countless research and development hours on topics ranging from software to plant health to farm communication networks. Very recently, we’ve unearthed the astonishing promise of our LED technology as an effective replacement for chemicals to fight downy mildew.

When launching Transcend Lighting our mission was simple – to make controlled environment agriculture more efficient and sustainable through advanced LED technology. To achieve this mission our amazing team has developed IP and products that are truly astounding. Every single day our products are saving millions of watts of energy!

Efficiency is still at our core but we’ve found that efficiency isn’t just about using less it’s about doing more with less. It’s about growing plants that are healthier, more vibrant, more precise and growing these plants faster and in less space. This is Thrive Agritech.

Beyond our full range of LED lighting products with the industry’s highest efficiency and longest lifespan Thrive offers unrivaled support. Our team of highly skilled applications engineers create custom lighting layouts on a daily basis and work to secure energy rebates for nearly every project in the United States. All of this free of charge.

Thrive Agritech produces UL listed and waterproof rated fixtures for every indoor and greenhouse growing environment, all with an industry leading 5-year standard warranty.

Over the last several years we have had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most advanced commercial plant product and research institutions and our entire team at Thrive Agritech is excited for what the future holds.




Brian Bennett

Founder and CEO

Thrive Agritech