10% increase in yield. Guaranteed!

LED under canopy supplemental lighting is a proven, cost-effective way to increase flower yield and profits.

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    “I was able to harvest and sell an additional 8 grams per square foot of high quality product. Increasing my yields has never been easier – under canopy lighting is a no brainer.”

    Michael Cooper
    NV Organic Remedies
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    3 Easy Steps!



    We will estimate the increase in yield and profit you can expect.



    Test our lights, risk-free, and experience the benefits of under canopy lighting.



    Install under canopy lighting throughout all flower rooms to maximize profits.

    Increase yields by 10% or more

    Full payback within first harvest

    Efficient LED technology

    Thrive Agritech Boost XE Commercial Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light
    Under Canopy Lighting
    Thrive Agritech Infinity XE Commercial LED Grow Lights close up of ends

    Simple wiring and installation

    Safe, waterproof equipment

    Try risk free for 120 days

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    Cost of lights and installation.

    Harvest Results
    10% Yield Increase

    Increase in flower production yield of 8 grams/ft2

    $37,000 / Harvest

    Based on wholesale price of $2.20/gram