Simple Bulb Swap

Save energy—and money. A direct replacement for 54W T5 fluorescent, the LED bulb typically pays for itself in less than a year.

Energy Saving

45% less energy—same light.
Reduces operating costs.


Utility rebates in most US states.

Optimized Light Spectrum

To maximize crop growth and profitability.

Easy to Install

Ballast compatible.
Plug & play.


Won’t break under severe impact. Mercury-free.

Long Life

Verified by independent test lab.
LM-80 test data available.


Input Power


Photon Flux



46″ x .625″

Beam Angle
120 degrees


0.4 lbs

Safety & Certification
UL & cUL

50,000 hours

5 years

T5 LED for Retrofit Applications

Thrive’s T5 LED bulb is intended as a retrofit for growers currently using fluorescent and want to reduce energy usage and operating costs. As a “plug-and-play” bulb, it is ballast compatible with most fluorescent fixtures on the market. The 30W T5 LED replacement bulb delivers the same light output as a 54W fluorescent bulb, but with 45% less energy and 45% less heat. This means your electricity cost goes down and the health of your plants goes up. Since there is less heat in the beam for the LED T5, the bulb can get closer to the canopy without risk of yellowing or burning the plants. The product is shatterproof, and mercury-free, so you never need to worry about breaking it. The T5 LED typically pays for itself in less than a year, and is eligible for energy rebates in most states.

Tyler Schneider

Director of Operations, Medicine Man

“The LED T5 is more than just cost savings for us – the clones actually grow better under the LED light because there’s a lot less heat. I wouldn’t go any other way at this point.”

Ben Franz

Director of R&D, MJardin

”A great benefit of the LED T5 tube is the ease of installation. Fixture removal, electrical work, and other infrastructure modifications are not necessary, avoiding many of the costs often associated with efficient lighting technologies.”

Al Gracian

Founder, Albopepper.com

“I experienced a 43% increase in healthy, lush plant growth. No matter how you look at it, the LED T5 exceeded the fluorescent T5—hands down.”