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Apex 300W LED Cultivation Light Bar

The Apex Commercial 300W LED Grow Light Bar is perfect for high-intensity indoor farming and flowering cannabis—or any indoor grow setting requiring high-intensity light. Due to its intensity and uniformity, it’s particularly effective for multi-tier flowering cannabis operations.


Higher Crop Yield

Many indoor growers are focused on optimizing multi-level cultivation for a reason—it yields more crops without having to increase your space. The Apex is perfect for both multi-tier flowering cannabis and other indoor grow sites like vertical gardens. A higher yield means a more profitable growth operation and an increase to your business’s bottom line.

Improved Plant Health

Ultimately, your business will be judged on the quality of its products, and quality LED commercial lighting leads to healthier, more robust plants. Investing in the best lighting for cannabis and other indoor grow operations can help set you apart from your competition.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency saves your business money while giving your indoor grow the lighting it needs to thrive. With a higher crop yield and lower production expenses, your business’s profitability stands to increase.


The Apex can last in a moist greenhouse environment for up to five years, making these LED light bars an investment in your business—one that will last and can pay for itself over time.


High-Intensity Indoor Farming Applications

As the indoor agriculture industry continues to grow, so does the competition. Apex was developed to give even the most demanding greenhouse and indoor farming applications the lighting you need to succeed.

Indoor Flowering Cannabis

Apex is an ideal LED alternative to HPS for high-intensity indoor farming applications, including multi-tier flowering cannabis. Apex can uniformly deliver full spectrum white light to the canopy at mounting heights ranging from 2’-6’. With about 30% better energy efficiency than double-ended HPS, the Apex pays for itself rapidly.

Multi-tier cannabis operations are quickly becoming standard as businesses look to reduce costs and increase profitability in a competitive industry. Better lighting can help you achieve both goals.

Specifications and Additional Information 

Download our PDFs to learn more about the Apex 300W LED cultivation light bar. Each download includes essential information about installation and more. 

Thermal Management

LED lights that can stay cool are easier to rely on. All of Thrive Agritech’s lighting fixtures use passive thermal management. This means no fans or liquids for cooling, which can be prone to failure.


Apex LED lights are both UL and ETL certified.


Input Power


Photon Flux



47.25″ x 3.43″ x 4.57″

Beam Angle
45 or 120 degrees

Input Voltage
110-277V or 277V-480V



Up to 12 fixtures

40,000 hours (Q90/B20)

Safety Certification

5 years

Need Help With Your Lighting Layout?

Customer Reviews

Maxwell Murphy

Compliance & Licensure, Choice Laboratories

“Thrive is a better idea, it’s a better technology, it’s the next generation. We always want to be one step ahead.”

Sam Thoman

General Manager, Strawberry Fields

“With Thrive LEDs we were able to increase our flower yields, potency and terpene profile.”

Jeremy Gerard

Head Grower, Choice Laboratories

“We have some really flavorful flower that came off of those (Thrive’s) lights. Our goals were all met.”

Apex 300W LED Cultivation Light Bar Q&A

Which businesses need LED lighting?
Indoor grow operations, greenhouses, and indoor cannabis flowering can all benefit from adopting LED lighting in their spaces. They use less energy, don’t overheat, provide high-quality light for your plants, and have a longer than average life expectancy (up to five years).

Can LED lights save money?
Yes. LED lights have been shown to reduce energy costs by up to 50 percent in indoor cannabis growing operations while giving plants the adequate light they need to thrive.

How much does a 300-watt LED grow light cost?

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