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Your cultivation operation needs power.
And our Pinnacle 600W LED grow light delivers it.

Thrive Agritech’s Pinnacle 600W LED grow light provides a high intensity, uniform blanket of light to the canopy for seedlings, indoor vegetables, floral, and cannabis and hemp operations. Versatile, strong, and long-lasting, Pinnacle LED lights help plants flourish in various settings.


Maximize Crop Yield

At 600W, the Pinnacle LED light is a near-perfect one-for-one replacement for existing 1,000W double-ended HPS lights. In addition, Pinnacle has an optimized light spectrum to ensure the best results for whatever you’re growing. As a result, you can maximize your current space and increase profitability simultaneously.

Optimized Light Spectrum

Pinnacle can efficiently deliver more than 1,800 PPFD to the canopy at mounting heights ranging from 3’-6’. In head-to-head trials against other LED lights, the Pinnacle has demonstrated clear advantages in yield, quality, and efficiency.

Energy Efficient LEDs

Cost savings go both ways. You can maximize your profit margins by increasing your crop harvest and adopting high-efficiency LED technology that can significantly reduce your electric bill.

Easy Installation

Quick and easy to mount, the Pinnacle 600w commercial grow light can be daisy-chained to up to 10 fixtures.

ETL Certified

Industry-standard certifications make the robust Pinnacle 600w LED Grow Light great for various growth operations.


Seedlings & Plants 

Plants undergo six growth stages before maturation: sprout, seedling, vegetative, budding, flowering, and ripening. Commercial LED lighting helps at all stages but needs to change as a plant matures. Pinnacle’s powerful and versatile optimized light spectrum offers excellent supplemental lighting for your seedlings and plants.

Indoor Commercial Vegetable

Commercial vegetable growth operations require two things above all else: maximized use of space and intense, focused power. Otherwise, profits may get left on the table. Pinnacle’s strength and versatility can help plants grown in a single-tier indoor setting flourish.

Indoor Floral

Flowers go through the same growth process as produce, and floral greenhouses require the same robust and uniform light as many vegetables. Pinnacle’s 120-degree beam angle and 0-10V dimming capabilities ensure your commercial floral LED lights do the job you need them to, at whichever stage your flowers are at.

Indoor Cannabis & Hemp

With a PPFD up to 1,800 µmols/m2/sec, your Pinnacle LED 600w grow lights are perfect for cannabis single-tier indoor growing.


Input Power


Photon Flux



33.4″ x 5.59″ x 2.76″

Beam Angle
120 degrees

Input Voltage
110-277V or 277V-480V



Up to 10 fixtures

40,000 hours (Q90/B20)


5 years

Specifications and Additional Information

Download our PDFs to learn more about the Pinnacle 600W LED grow light. Each download includes essential information about installation and more.

Thermal Management

LED lights that stay cool are easier to rely on. All of Thrive Agritech’s lighting fixtures use passive thermal management. This means no fans or liquids for cooling, which can be prone to failure.

Beam Angle

Beam angle is specific to your growth operation. For example, a 120-degree angle works excellent in settings with limited mounting height for optimal distribution of white light.

Need Help With Your Lighting Layout?

Flowers in indoor greenhouse under Thrive Argitech Pinnacle Commercial 600w LED Grow Light

Greenhouse Supplemental Lighting

Add 5-30 moles of light per day

up close of cannabis flower

Indoor Farming: Cannabis Flower

PPFD up to 1,800 µmols/m2/sec

Pinnacle 600w LED Grow Light Q&A

How many plants can I grow with a 600w LED grow light?
Somewhere in the range of six to nine plants in a single-tier grow setting is optimal for 600w of LED grow lighting.

How much area does a 600w grow light cover?
A 600-watt grow light will cover an area of 6×6 feet.

Learn more about Thrive Agritech’s LED light products to find the optimal bulb for your business.