Products – Three Columns

High performance LED lights for controlled environment agriculture with patent-pending technology that grows plants better from germination through harvest.

Easy to install, high efficiency lighting for vertical farming and greenhouses.

Boost for Greenhouses:

Boost mounts to greenhouse support trusses, resulting in almost no shadowing while delivering 50-100 PPFD and 5-10 moles of full spectrum supplemental light per day. And the dimming feature makes Boost exceptionally energy efficient for photoperiod interruption. Boost is the perfect greenhouse light: energy efficient, simple to install, maintenance free, waterproof, UL certified for safety, and a 5-year warranty.

Boost for Cannabis Flower:

Boost is ideal for multi-tier flower rooms where mounting height is limited. It delivers highly uniform full spectrum white light with an intensity over 1,000 PPFD at mounting heights of only 9”-24” above the canopy. For single tier flower rooms, Boost is a user-friendly, energy efficient, alternative to HPS. Unlike HPS, Boost ensures that every plant receives the same intensity of light – without creating “hot spots”, throwing light into the aisles or onto the walls. Boost’s high intensity, optimized spectrum and uniform light distribution ensures the healthiest plants and maximum revenue per square foot in your grow facility.

Infinity for Leafy Greens:

Faster growth, bigger harvests and better plant morphology. Infinity delivers highly uniform light onto the crop canopy ranging from 200-400 PPFD. Exceedingly versatile, Infinity lights can be configured to precisely match the geometry of your canopy without wasting light where it isn’t wanted. And Thrive’s patent-pending phosphor technology delivers an optimized light spectrum that maximizes your production.

Infinity for Vegetative Cannabis:

Say goodbye to metal halide and fluorescent lighting. Thrive’s leading-edge LED technology makes Infinity the best overall veg light on the market. It generates 300-500 PPFD on the veg canopy with exceptionally efficient and uniform coverage. At 2.2 umols/joule, Infinity leads the pack in full spectrum efficiency. But the real magic is the ability to configure the easy-to-install light bars to precisely deliver the light to your plants. Drive your energy costs down, and your production yields up—with Infinity.

T5 LED for Retrofit Applications

Thrive’s T5 LED bulb is intended as a retrofit for growers currently using fluorescent and want to reduce energy usage and operating costs. As a “plug-and-play” bulb, it is ballast compatible with most fluorescent fixtures on the market. The 30W T5 LED replacement bulb delivers the same light output as a 54W fluorescent bulb, but with 45% less energy and 45% less heat. This means your electricity cost goes down and the health of your plants goes up. Since there is less heat in the beam for the LED T5, the bulb can get closer to the canopy without risk of yellowing or burning the plants. The product is shatterproof, and mercury-free, so you never need to worry about breaking it. The T5 LED typically pays for itself in less than a year, and is eligible for energy rebates in most states.