How much HVAC do I need to cool LED Lights? 

We hear this question all the time, especially in the summer.

Our rule of thumb – it takes one watt of air conditioning to cool three watts of lighting.

For a more precise calculation, there are a few things that we need to know about heat

  • A BTU, or British Thermal Unit, is the traditional unit for heat or heat removal
  • A ton of refrigerant is 12,000 BTUs.
  • One watt of energy is equal to 3.412 BTUs

When you turn on a light some of the energy is turned into photons and some of the energy is turned into heat. In the case of LEDs, about 40% of the energy is turned into light and 60% is turned into heat.

Unfortunately…. you need to cool all of the energy, even the energy emitted as light. (more…)

Transcend Lighting is now Thrive Agritech

Today marks the introduction of Thrive Agritech – a new brand that aligns with the exciting future of our industry and our company.

We live and breathe LEDs, however, our focus has grown to include more than lighting. This year we’ve filed our first controls and systems patents and have already spent countless research and development hours on topics ranging from software to plant health to farm communication networks. Very recently, we’ve unearthed the astonishing promise of our LED technology as an effective replacement for chemicals to fight downy mildew.

When launching Transcend Lighting our mission was simple – to make controlled environment agriculture more efficient and sustainable through advanced LED technology. To achieve this mission our amazing team has developed IP and products that are truly astounding. Every single day our products are saving millions of watts of energy!

Efficiency is still at our core but we’ve found that efficiency isn’t just about using less it’s about doing more with less. It’s about growing plants that are healthier, more vibrant, more precise and growing these plants faster and in less space. This is Thrive Agritech.

Beyond our full range of LED lighting products with the industry’s highest efficiency and longest lifespan Thrive offers unrivaled support. Our team of highly skilled applications engineers create custom lighting layouts on a daily basis and work to secure energy rebates for nearly every project in the United States. All of this free of charge.

Thrive Agritech produces UL listed and waterproof rated fixtures for every indoor and greenhouse growing environment, all with an industry leading 5-year standard warranty.

Over the last several years we have had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most advanced commercial plant product and research institutions and our entire team at Thrive Agritech is excited for what the future holds.




Brian Bennett

Founder and CEO

Thrive Agritech

LED Reliability – What you need to know

As everyone knows, LED technology is displacing older lighting technologies across almost all applications. Although LED has a higher upfront cost, energy savings combined with an extremely long product lifetime make LED a compelling choice. But what exactly does it mean when an LED lighting supplier claims a 50,000-hour product lifetime? And what data should the supplier have to support such a claim? (more…)

Environmental protection ratings for LED grow lights

LED grow lights are frequently installed in locations of condensing humidity, or in facilities where water is used for cleaning. In addition, many of these facilities can be dirty or dusty. So, what happens to an LED lighting fixture when exposed to water and dust? The answer is revealed in the fixture’s IP code.


Transcend Lighting Launches “Next Gen” Chip Technology

New LED chips provide higher efficiency and brightness

New York, NY (July 11, 2017) – Transcend Lighting, Inc., leader in LED horticulture lighting,
announced today it will be incorporating its next generation LED chip technology into its grow light
fixtures. As a result of the chip upgrade, Transcend’s LED grow lights will compete at the highest
energy efficiency levels in the industry. (more…)

Transcend Lighting Launches Boost LED Light

High brightness, patent-pending technology displaces high pressure sodium

Washington DC (May 17, 2017) – Transcend Lighting, Inc., leader in LED horticulture lighting, announced today the release of its Boost LED light bar. The 4-foot long LED grow light is an ideal primary light source for multi-tier indoor vertical grow facilities, and as a supplemental light for greenhouses. With an output of 260 umols/sec and a 45-degree beam angle, the Boost light has the power and efficiency to displace high pressure sodium lights. (more…)

Come see us in Orlando May 9-11 at the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo

Transcend Lighting will be bringing our new large booth and excited to exhibit our LED T5 lamp. We will be discussing our technology and IP for vegetative cannabis production. We all know that too much energy is being used in the cannabis industry and it is our mission to make indoor agriculture more efficient.

Brian, Chuck, Joel and Rachel we be traveling down to Orlando. If you would like to schedule a meeting ahead of the show please give us a call or send an email.

LED Magazine writes about Transcend Lighting and horticultural lighting

Read the full article here – by Maury Wright, LED Magazine
LED-based horticulture is a, pardon the pun, growing application, and Transcend Lighting has launched a new product concept for the market in the form of a LED-based T5 high-output tube. The LED tubes are designed for use with T5 fluorescent fixtures that are widely deployed in horticulture, and the solid-state lighting (SSL) will work with the existing ballasts, according to Transcend. The company’s added value is a phosphor-derived spectral power distribution (SPD) that can optimize plant growth and flowering.


What is a Micromole?

​We will get to the complicated formal definition at the end of this article but for horticultural lighting it is quite simple – a micromole is a number of photons. Actually, it is a very large number of photons. 602 quadrillion to be exact. That’s 602 followed by 15 zeroes.

​Obviously it difficult to work with such large numbers, so growers ​started using the more manageable term “micromole” (also written as μmole or micro-mole) rather than the cumbersome 602 quadrillion., UK’s #1LED comparison website, features the TL-T5HO lamp

The Transcend high output T5 is the latest product to feature in Which LED Lights Smart Products section. The transcend T5 is a direct replacement for conventional 54 watt fluorescent lamps but consumes 45% less energy and emits slightly more photosynthetic light. The LED T5 is the same size/shape as the fluorescent lamp and works with existing fluorescent ballasts. This means users can continue to use the fluorescent fixtures they already own.